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     I've used Burnt Oak Carpet Cleaner a few times and their house cleaners have gone above and beyond each and every time. I can't praise this company highly enough!
Ben R19/05/2020
     I own several rental flats so I use cleaning companies quite frequently. Burnt Oak Cleaning is truly one of the best I've worked with and least expensive too.
Jessica Leeder19/09/2019
     We are very pleased to have come across Carpet Cleaners Burnt Oak for house cleaning service. Since we were away from our home for about a year, it needed some serious cleaning. They are cost effective, helpful and very careful with the things around the house. They were unobtrusive, as we requested; we did not want noise around the house. We are extremely pleased with the service.
Matt Louise08/05/2015
     If you are in the market for a good cleaning company, I would highly recommend BurntOakCarpetCleaners. They have been working in my building for over 2 years now and all our tenants are extremely satisfied with the quality of work they provide. The best part of their cleaning procedure is that they do a complete job of cleaning your place, from carpets to curtains, for a very low price! I would highly recommend that you call them for any kind of domestic cleaning service!
Joanne R.18/02/2015
     Cleaning my home just got a lot easier - because a professional cleaner is doing it all for me! My friends keep asking me how I get my home looking so clean, but I'm more than willing to tell them that it's all down to BurntOakCarpetCleaners. The cleaners here are just fabulous, and they can get a stain out of anything! Very impressive services and not too pricey either!
     With my husband working much longer hours, and having to go back to work myself, we were struggling to find the time to do a lot of housework and decided to hire a cleaner. I am very glad we chose to hire BurntOakCarpetCleaners. The cleaning they do for us is incredible - every time they come round our home is cleaned to a very high standard and they leave us with a very fresh and tidy environment. They also do domestic tasks like washing clothes, ironing, changing bed linen, emptying bins and even replenishing the bathroom soap and this is all a big help.
     I needed to get my home into fighting shape, so the best course of action was to get in touch with a professional! BurntOakCarpetCleaners 's methods weren't flashy, but they sure were effective! They turned my place from a far from tidy home to perfectly clean one in next to no time and bought me a lot more free time as a result. More time to plan my upcoming house party, which probably wouldn't have been possible without their help! This company provided a cheap but effective cleaning service that helped me out to no end, and that's just awesome. Thanks!
     I can't fault the service I was given by BurntOakCarpetCleaners. When I phoned them the first time and explained what I wanted done, I'm very glad they are so flexible and were willing to accommodate my requests. I actually don't mind house cleaning but just haven't the time anymore and really needed it done correctly or not at all. Luckily this company turned out to be everything I wanted it to be and a big credit must go to the cleaners who were so hard working and they seemed to be expertly trained. Keep up the good work and you'll certainly get be getting more business from this satisfied customer.
     There's nothing better than having clean carpets and even though I use a carpet cleaner regularly I wanted to see how much of a difference a professional carpet clean would make to my home. BurntOakCarpetCleaners are used by a lot of my friends and so they seemed a natural choice for me. They gave me a very reasonable (and accurate!) price quote and I had all of the carpets in my house cleaned. I was shocked at the difference - I really didn't expect to see such amazing results! I'll definitely be getting my carpets cleaned with this company in the future and I'll never go back to cleaning them myself!
     If you are the type of person that needs their home to be just so, then you should find that BurntOakCarpetCleaners can adhere to your needs. I was extremely impressed with how well they followed my instructions, as I was sick of how my last cleaner just placed things how they thought they should be, despite me constantly moving them back! There is nothing worse in my eyes, so you'll likely understand my delight when I found that this time the domestic cleaner had left everything where it was meant to be!
Shirley Cook07/01/2014

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